Surprising danger, quick reaction, God’s protection

Summer temperatures in Romania can get very high and the air very dry. During one of these hot days the team visited a village with Bus4Life, a bus turned into a book shop. During the day, they prayed and planned to have a special event after sundown when the temperatures would be more comfortable.

They invited villagers to the bus to meet the team. Many came, and the team was thrilled to see what God was doing: Kids played games and the volunteers spoiled them with hugs and stories of the Bible; youth were involved in a deep discussion about life questions with team members who provided a Christian perspective; inside the bus 20 people were watching Magdalena: Released From Shame.

“It seemed like a heavenly atmosphere,” said OM outreach leader Raluca Cardos upon reflection afterward. “But we all knew when something like this happens and the Holy Spirit descends, the evil one is also ‘cooking’ something to break it up!”

Later, after all the locals had gone home, the team packed the bus with excitement that so many people had heard God’s Word that day.

Tuukka Linkopuu, the Bus4Life driver, felt something was wrong when he smelt smoke coming from the electrical board of the bus. When he checked, he noticed that the wires were melting and in another minute it would have caught fire, the whole bus potentially turning to ashes.

“Thank God he found the problem in time and stopped the fire from happening!” exclaimed Raluca. “Even if we could not use the bus the next day, we praised God for His protection! If this would have happened during the programme many people could have been injured or worse. If it had happened during the night, and Tuukka had not found the problem in time, we would have lost the bus and with it the bus ministry.”

Many people’s faith was strengthened when they learnt how the Lord had watched over them, not allowing harm to come upon the people or the programme.        

„But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (ESV)

Region: Europe
Country: Romania