OM founder visits Romania

OM founder George Verwer visited Romania 9-12 May as the main speaker at the Romanian Brethren Assembly’s annual gathering. George’s last visit was in 2009.

With his unique style, George shared how God searched his heart and prompted him to start OM, and encouraged young people to live a pure life. George’s openness about his fight with his temptations amazed the audience. The translator had difficulty at times communicating George’s open truth.

A young man came to George during the lunchtime, saying: “I have never heard somebody talking about pornography, even though this is such a big issue in Romania too.”

Another tough issue George addressed is the problem of abortion in Romania. Romania has the highest abortion rate in Europe and is near the top worldwide. According to Operation World, three children are killed before birth for every child born.

“In Romania, every 108th second, one abortion takes place,” said Rafael, the field leader of OM Romania. “Since 1958, over 22 million abortions have taken place: this is the actual number of the Romanian population. We killed our doctors, our teachers, our scientists—all those who are supposed to pay the pensions for the older generation.”

To raise awareness of this issue, OM Romania gave out over 500 copies of Randy Alcorn’s book, Why Pro Life? But that wasn’t the only literature passed out, as OM Romania had a book stand with over 60 titles. They sold 500 US dollars of books, and 2,000 books written by George and Roy Hession were handed out for free, as well as 200 prayer booklets for the Arabian Peninsula. The books quickly disappeared from the book table, although organisers aren’t sure whether all the people read English, or if the books were taken simply because they were free.

OM Romania hopes and prays they will have many new connections on a national level thanks to George’s visit. Pray also for the Romanian Church to stand up against infanticide in their nation. Read more about the work of OM Romania here

Region: Europe
Country: Romania