Led by the Spirit

Once a year, OM Romania organises a free dental clinic for the poor. A team is sent to remote places where people lack easy access to dental care, and offers treatment in a mobile clinic. A participant of one outreach, Helen, shares how God used her, a dentist from the UK, to change someone’s life forever.

We began work in the dental clinic Monday morning, but since I was not on the morning shift I decided to go on outreach on the streets with a few young volunteers. We told folks about the free dental care and invited them to come. The youth gave out leaflets about the clinic, and as we walked up a side street we also prayed.

I noticed a person sitting under an apple tree and stopped. Was it a person? Yes, it had moved. I felt at that moment that God was asking me to go up to the person, who I discovered was a woman.

I stepped through the gate, and she beckoned me closer. I thought to myself, But Lord, I can only say good morning in this language. I am only a dentist from England. I can hardly have a good conversation and communicate with her! But God urged me to go up the driveway.

So, I walked up to her, smiled and said my few words of Romanian. She had white curly hair and was about 65 years old. She was paralyzed down one side of her body and her trousers and socks had holes in them, from dragging herself along the ground.

I told her in English that she was precious to God and beautiful, made in His image. She began to cry. I repeated these truths, and as the tears fell, I put both my arms around her and gently rocked and patted her, as if I were comforting a child. I asked if I could pray in the name of Jesus, and I prayed for healing for her body and soul. When I had to leave I told her I would return.

The next day was too busy at the clinic, but I returned with a translator the day after, and we gave her a Romanian Bible. She was so pleased and said God had sent me to her! I learnt that her name is Maria, and she had a stroke five years ago. I noticed she was blind in her left eye.

We arranged for her to come to the clinic the following day, and I was able to do much-needed fillings and extractions in her mouth, making her dentally fit and avoid future pain and infection. However, I was unable to provide a prosthesis to replace her four front teeth. She was happy when she tried my reading glasses, but she needed a stronger prescription. Someone from the team went into town the next day and bought some. I was able to deliver them the next day. They were perfect!

Her son and granddaughter also had dental care with me at the clinic. Andrea, her six-year-old granddaughter, had enjoyed the Bible class we offered. Now Maria’s mouth felt comfortable, she had received glasses to read her new Bible, and I had told her about the reality of Jesus in my own life.

Our week of outreach was over, but God was at work by His Holy Spirit in my heart too – for the Gospel is to share with others, not to keep tightly to ourselves. So, I spoke a little about God’s Word being true, and His faithfulness. I realised this was my last chance, and I asked Maria if she wanted to have Jesus as her friend and eternal life.

She said yes! I was so happy I could hardly believe it. This was the reason God spoke to me the first morning. Through the translator we prayed for repentance, and a soul was saved by the blood of the Lamb of God! We parted as sisters in Christ.

We do not always act on the still small voice within us, but God can do much through us when we say yes to Him!

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” – Romans 8:14 (ESV)

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Region: Europe
Country: Romania